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Perinatal Services, LLC 

Zoe Ruaboro, IBCLC & Doula

In-home, office & virtual lactation and doula support.



I am from all along the coast of California, the Island of Kauai, and now settled here in the PNW. I keep myself busy as a homeschooling mama, gardening, hiking, and sourdough making. I love animals, the beach, eating, and of course traveling when I can. 


As a person who has gone through most of my life not knowing I had ADHD, I have always bounced around between different interests, hobbies, studies and career paths. From wanting to be a chef, to an airline pilot; a wedding planner to psychologist. Eventually I began to feel very passionate and drawn to supporting women and babies. I wasn’t exactly sure how until I had my first daughter. At this point I knew what I wanted to do, and two years later I became a lactation consultant and postpartum doula. I’m now also training as a birth doula. Each and every night I have spent at work as a postpartum doula, and after each and every lactation visit, I think about how honored I feel to be doing this work. Every day in between I think about how hard it is, and yet how happy and fulfilled I am to be doing it. 


I approach my work from a holistic perspective. I view birth and postpartum as life events- normal, physiological, natural, dramatic, life-changing events, which do require the support of those around them (as opposed to them being considered medical events). I am passionate about supporting mother’s and baby’s innate intuition, wisdom and autonomy- prenatally, during birth, and postpartum. I think everyone has a right to full community support as they bear, nourish and raise their babies. 

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Embrace Matrescence*

*the process of becoming a mother: Coined by anthropologist Dana Raphael... matrescence describes the physical, psychological, and emotional changes people go through during the monumental transformation that is motherhood. 

Maybe if we start defining these changes and hardships, we won’t feel so alone in experiencing them.

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